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Side Mirror Glass with Backing Plate

The car side view mirror is exposed to wind, sun and rain for a long time, the outer shell as well as the side mirror backing plate material requires weathering and UV resistance, but also needs to have high strength and toughness, commonly used mainly ABS, TPE, ASA, PA and other materials.

Electronic type : The normal condition of the side mirror button pointer is pointing to 0, we need to turn on the vehicle side mirror control switch, and then the side mirror adjustment button pointer to the "L" or "R" position, L represents the left and R represents the right, so we press the button can automatically adjust it, until adjusted to fit their vision on it.

Manual type : As the driver's seat is on the left side, it is not so easy for the driver to grasp the right side of the car, plus sometimes the need for roadside parking, the right side mirror should be adjusted in the upper and lower position of the ground area should be left larger, about 2/3 of the mirror surface, and as for the left and right position, with the same adjustment which placing the horizontal line in the center of the mirror, and then adjust the edge of the car body to 1/4 of the mirror image.