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Aftermarket Side View Mirrors

There are kinds of specifications of KDC's aftermarket side view mirrors/ auto side view mirror. Our car side view mirror is made with high quality, and it can be customized as your requirements, and can be applied in many different brands of cars.

Car side mirrors are located on the left and right side of the car. Aftermarket side mirrors reflect the rear, side, and bottom of the car, it allows the driver to see the rear view directly and it can be helped the driver to clear enough to see the car around and road situation, it plays the role of "second eye", expanding the scope of the driver's vision. Therefore, the driver could make a judgement, especially when cutting someone off or parking.

The rearview mirror is divided into external rearview mirror, lower rearview mirror, and internal rearview mirror by the installation position. In terms of usage, the exterior mirror reflects the rear side of the car. Different uses, mirror structure will also be different. Convex mirror, the mirror is spherical, with a different size of the radius of curvature, its image is smaller than the visual, but the field of view is large, this convex mirror is commonly used for external mirrors and rearview mirror.

At KDC, we are a global aftermarket manufacturer that builds side mirror. Our products are designed custom to your needs. Also, we have variety of choices that suit to your car models. Make an inquiry now to learn more about our products and how we can create what you need for your business!