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Interior Rear View Mirror, Inside Car Mirror

An interior rear view mirror is a plane mirror in vehicles that designed to allow the driver to see the rearward through the rear windshield.

Generally, the mirror used in a rearview mirror is convex mirrors. They have a very wide field of view as they are curved outwards. Therefore, the convex mirrors enable the driver to see much larger area than a flat mirror. The images produced are erect and the size is much smaller than the object. Thus, it is used in interior rearview mirror in vehicles to see the objects and road condition at the backside of the car.

KDC offers good quality and quantity of interior rear-view mirror, with dozens of different interior mirror styles and sizes are available in KDC. We supply all types of car interior mirror, therefore, if you are not sure which one is required for your vehicle, please contact us and our professionals will provide you useful information in details.