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Aftermarket Tow Mirrors, Towing & Rear Under Mirrors

Towing mirror is using to let the driver has a much larger field of view to be able to see the road condition at the back of the car.KDC provides to customers several types of towing mirror which suit to different vehicle types and models, according to the length, shape, and color of the car.

Side mirror blind spots could lead to traffic accidents. Therefore, many car manufacturers are beginning to equip high-end cars with BSD (Blind Spot Detection) blind spot monitoring warning system or by improving the blind spot with multi-angle adjustable mirror. A good blind spot mirror must have two basic attributes: adjustable angle, cover the blind spot, and preferably not block the original side mirror image as much as possible.

The towing mirror is able to adjust the angle to get rid of blind spots with wide angle view. It can be pulled out the mirror and comfortable to drive.

KDC specializes in aftermarket tow mirrors design and manufacture; you can find various types of towing mirror such astruck towing mirrors, trailer towing mirrors and caravan towing mirrors here. Mirror extensions or extended mirrors can improve your driving sight and keep you driving safely. OEM and ODM are acceptable.