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Car Mirror Manufacturer

Vehicle Mirror ManufacturerEstablished in 1989, KDC is an aftermarket automobile parts company which specializing in the serial development, production and sales of auto parts and accessories, including rear-view mirrors, modified car rear-view mirrors and various accessories. Besides, KDC also provide OEM service.
Our mission is to keep abreast of the market trends of automobile and motorcycle rear-view mirrors and to continue to invest in the research and development and manufacturing of rear-view mirrors. We hope to be the leader in the technology and quality of rear-view mirrors for automobiles and motorcycles by adhering to the business philosophy of "honesty, professionalism, and dedication".
Export to WorldwideOur products include side mirror, mirror glass with plate, racing mirror, towing and rear under mirror, universal mirror, interior mirror, motorcycle mirror and various auto parts and accessories. We also export various products to customers in Europe, Japan, Central and South America, Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Over the years, we have been well received by our customers all over the world.
TrustworthyKDC has more than 30 years of business experiences and has been certified to sell auto parts in Europe and the United States.
We have international marketing channels to sell and ship our products worldwide, also we are having high flexibility in product manufacturing and with a good supply management ability.
Service, quality, innovation, and reliability are the goals we are committed to achieve. We strive to win the trust of our customers with our advanced professionalism and stable service.
Potential MarketAutomotive Aftermarket (AM) has a great potential in the industry.
Domestic automakers are setting up research and development centers one after another.
The development of automotive upstream and downstream related industries is driven by the establishment of R&D centers by domestic automakers.
Our company is also cooperating with foreign manufacturers in production and sales to avoid vicious competition.
In future, we plan to have a cross-industry cooperation between auto parts and electronics industry. Also, The Ministry of Labor is promoting a subsidy program for human resources upgrading.
Training Development PolicyKDC often providing management training to the employees throughout individual to team. For individually, KDC hopes to improve employees' adaptability and confidence, to enable employees always prepare themselves and work safely, increase the centripetal force and reduce the turnover and absenteeism rate, and also develop the employee expertise; while for the organizational side, training is given to build a good organizational culture and working environment, to improve the quality of human resources, to accumulate experience and maintain the skills, to establish a learning organization and looking forward to continuous improvement.
Order from us now!Due to the diversity of auto parts of our company, there are different kinds of parts which match with variety car brands and models.
In order to allow customers to find the car parts they needed quickly, what if you unable to find the car parts you need, you can contact us through the online message, or provide us the product reference number can be ordered on behalf of the original parts, so that customers can inquire in the first time, shopping will not be restricted by time and area.
In order to protect our customers from their payment security, cargo security, and shipping time, we provide diversified and online message services to smoothen your purchase experience. Contact us today!